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The Fort Worth Symphony announces the appointment of Alex Amsel and Stephanie Rhodes Russell as Conducting Fellows for the orchestra for the 2019-20 and 2020-21 seasons. Amsel and Rhodes Russell are the first two participants in a substantially reconceived and expanded conductor training program with a goal of increasing its impact on early-career conductors and the symphony field.


“The future of classical music is indeed bright,” stated Ms. Van Horn. “Each year, the Foundation receives applications from all over, demonstrating the need for an organization such as ours. It is exciting to learn of new talent and to watch the growth of some former award recipients.

“This year’s award recipients include first time recipients and some young conductors whom we have supported in the past, and who have proven themselves to be deserving of additional support in their musical journeys. We congratulate each of the 2019 awardees.”


"There is a joy in traveling that stems from diversity—the unique nuances of a language, the discovery of a new cuisine, a breathtaking view that appears as you turn a perfectly ordinary corner, and endless variations of cultural and religious identity.


But the most striking discovery of travel is not the diversity, it’s the familiarity. While the vibrant colors of diversity keep life from being monotonous, at the core of the human spirit, so much feels the same. People want to connect. They want to be heard, seen and understood. Our relationships—be they familial, friendly, or romantic—are at the heart of humanity, regardless of location. We all aspire, fail, hurt, grow, and love. Each individual experience may be unique, but we are far more connected than we may initially believe."

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